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Service Fee US$ 200/month (Payment method : PayPal)

MONEYMAKER FX Expert Advisor (EA) trading Robot is a system that seeks stable profits through 100% automated trading and risk management.

Check the 24-hour real-time transaction history.
24-hour automated trading

MoneyMaker FX Expert Advisor (EA) automatically trades 10 to 15 stocks 24 hours a day through optimized algorithms.
FX margin trading is a typical high risk / high return product.
High returns are possible, but the risk is very high.
Before signing up for the service, be sure to check the transaction status for at least one month directly through our real-time trading account.

Services provided

We are not a trading program vendor. We do not sell trading software. We provide total solution services for FOREX EA Robot Trading.
MoneyMaker FX does not take customer funds directly. Also, we are not directly involved in depositing and withdrawing customer accounts.
MoneyMaker FX EA is a trading robot system that automates the trading of customer accounts, and by paying monthly fees, we provide automated trading services 24 hours through VPS server settings.
Pay only for the service fee. You don't have to do anything like system settings. We do all the rest.

Pursuing stable profits

MoneyMaker FX Expert Advisor (EA) aims for a stable return of around 10% per month. Depending on market conditions, actual profits or losses are very liquid. The most important thing in FX margin trading is margin rate and risk management through free funding.
In addition, MoneyMaker FX EA Robot does not use loss cut (stop loss), so you need a sufficient amount of funds in your account.

Account balance above US $ 30,000 recommended.

If you don't have enough funds in your account, we'll keep your order volume down.

Secure Payments

MoneyMakerFX EA system fees can be paid through global payment companies STICPAY, PAYPAL, Netteller, and Skrill.

Risk Warning:  Margin trading on financial products has a fairly high investment risk and is not suitable for all investors. In particular, FX margin trading is a high-risk, high-yield investment product, and it is necessary to recognize that there is a possibility of losing the entire amount of the investment, and to understand the risks to be dealt with when trading, and to operate with appropriate management and spare funds.