About MoneyMaker FX EA
Trading Robot

What is Expert Advisor (EA)?

Expert Advisor (EA) is an automation program running on Meta Trader software, a trading platform commonly used by all FX brokers and traders worldwide.

MoneyMakerFX EA Trading Robot

MoneyMaker FX trading robot is not a system that aims for high profit in a  short period of time.

It is a system that aims for a stable return with a monthly return of 10%, and automatically trades pairs of 13 ~ 15 stocks based on USD / EUR / GBP 24 hours according to logic.

Investors no longer need to hang on trading, and sometimes just check the account status. MoneyMakerFX EA makes money on the go while you travel and sleep.

The returns on the MoneyMaker FX trading system vary widely depending on market volatility. In general, actual returns exceed the monthly target rate of return. However, in some volatile situations, the loss of the position you are entering may be very large. Also,  the trading logic of MoneyMaker FX trading system does not use Loss Cut by default. The order quantity is set with the amount of funds in the account  .

The service is available only if the minimum account balance is USD 30000 or higher, and USD 50000 or higher is recommended. (For accounts under USD 30000, you can use the service by reducing the number of items or reducing the number of entries, but it is not recommended. Contact us separately) The

MoneyMaker FX 
 EA system is a separate Trading Robot for each account that applies for service. Process this transaction. Therefore, depending on the market situation at the time of starting the system, the difference in entry positions for each account occurs. It seems to be similar to COPY TRADING serviced by MQL5.com,  Signal Start, etc.  , but there are differences.